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As part of ReWater MENA project, capacity building of partner countries is demanded in order to strengthen knowledge and skills of partners about wastewater reuse. Addressing the demanded enabling environment that considers wastewater governance, socio-economic aspects, public acceptance, gender integration, and technical aspects is the focus of the planned training programs created by the Arab Countries Water Utilities Association (ACWUA). Thus, under ReWater MENA Project and in line with objective number four of building and strengthening the capacities of the stakeholders in the MENA region in the field of safe use of wastewater, ACWUA is conducting a series of training courses. The topics include the following: the reuse technologies, economic models for reuse projects, reuse safety plans, reuse governance, public acceptance, and gender integration in reuse interventions. The REWATER MENA project management believes in the importance of these training courses to raise awareness and introduce the Reuse concept in the region.


ACWUA is keen to engage experts and professionals within the project team who have solid backgrounds built around actual projects and have experience within the MENA Region. Our professional team has many years of real-world, hands-on experience to help realize the gap, and provide appropriate solutions. ACWUA’s commitment to excellence is reflected in our team’s availability to assist you at all times and in our continual investment of time and resources in professional education. We believe that a major success factor in our projects is the team participating in the project, and their commitment to support you with the proper administration of tasks and responsibilities throughout the project.

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MENA is the most water-stressed region in the world. The gap between the supply and demand is widening every day. On the other hand, we have the untapped and increasing resource that we are flushing everyday “wastewater”. Treated wastewater and it’s safe reuse is among the most promising solutions to close this S-D gap. “This project can give new life for everyone and vulnerable communities” and “If every drop of wastewater is collected and treated for re-use, this can close the gap and revitalize agricultural sector in many areas in the region.”

Dr Amgad Elmahdi
Head of IWMI’s MENA office


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