Dr. Noura Abdelwahab

An experienced Economist with more than 20 years of experience in conducting gender and market assessments and research in developing countries for International and regional organizations namely the World Bank, UNDP, ADB, IOM, ILO, WFP, ICARDA, FAO, Center for Arab Women Research and Training (CAWTAR) and International Research Center for Women.

She is currently lead Gender advisor with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) working on mainstreaming gender in all bank operations related to lending related to Green Climate fund.

Before working with EBRD, she worked as a lead Trade and Gender Consultant with the UNDP Regional Office for Arab States working on exploring potential sectors for the economic empowerment of Arab women that would help in deepening intra-regional trade that the office can support through innovative interventions.

Before working with the UNDP regional office for Arab States, she worked with the African Development Bank in Egypt to draft the gender profile for, that serves in highlighting gender priorities for the coming operations of the bank in Egypt. Before working with the UNDP Regional Office of Arab States, she has worked with CAWTAR in conducting Gender Audit and Analysis in Egypt that highlight bottlenecks for the economic empowerment of women at the institutional level and policy level.

Before working with CAWTAR, she served as a Lead Economist at the Egyptian Center for Economic Studies and she is the team leader for Team leader for all research activities that feeds in the drafting of the strategy for the economic empowerment of women, including Legal research on the gap between the constitution and the existing laws for the women rights, namely in relation to labour laws and related laws; Focus Group Discussions in representative governorates for all regions in Egypt to develop an entrepreneurial guide on how women can start up their business and aggregation of all existing secondary data on gender to develop a guide a statistical guide for women empowerment statistics in Egypt.

She has an extensive experience in tackling business enabling environment and policy controversial issues. More specific to Egypt, he has a full understanding of regulatory and policy frameworks governing the energy and industrial sectors. Over the years he has built strong relations with the different stakeholders and active market players in Egypt.

Abdelwahab is an economics graduate from Cairo University and holds a master’s degree in Economics from Nottingham University and a PhD degree in Economics from Cairo University.