Module 1: Project Preparation and Formulation Related to WWR Projects

1.        Introduction: The Importance of Economics and Financial dimensions on selecting “Optimal” treated Wastewater Reuse (WWR) plans and projects. (linked to Day One topic of technology)

1.1  Wastewater Reuse. Is wastewater an asset or a liability?

1.2  Why should we invest in wastewater treatment plants for WWR?

1.3  How to select the “Best/Optimal” WWR approach amongst alternatives technically feasible solutions, to maximize the project’s monetary returns?

1.4   Investing in new water resource alternatives versus reuse of wastewater: i.e., Drilling a New Water Well or Reuse Treated WW, which alternative is more profitable and sustainable?

By the end of the day, we should be able to answer all of the above questions.

The Purpose of including the above intro is to achieve the following:

a. Ice breaking at the beginning of the day

b. Indicate and highlight integration and interdependencies, and continuity of the training components and other modules, by linking day one material to day 2 (technology to economics)

c. Trigger the trainees’ interest to deal with the availability of wastewater as an opportunity of having a valuable resource, rather than being preconceived as a burden, a threat, or a liability on the government and wastewater producing entities.

2.     Project Preparation and Formulation in WWR Projects:

2.1  Projects vs. Programs

2.2  Project definition and Components

2.3  Project description

2.4  Project cycle

2.5  Project formulation and preparation: pre-feasibility studies